Ethylene technology provider It’sFresh! Inc. has set a big sustainability goal.

Through its technology, Eden Prairie, Minn.-based It’sFresh! wants to keep 10 million pounds of fruit from becoming waste by 2015, according to a company news release.

The company announced the goal April 29 at the Walmart Sustainable Product Expo in Rogers, Ark.

“Day after day, fruit is being discarded that sadly should be consumed and enjoyed,” Greg Pavett, president of It’sFresh!, said in the release. “We wanted to put a meaningful and measurable stake in the ground when it comes to our technology’s impact curbing this waste epidemic. We have to start taking better care of our precious resources.”

The ethylene-trapping technology developed by It’sFresh! extends the shelf life of fruit by one to three days, Pavett said. It’sFresh! makes paper-thin ethylene-absorbing sheets that are put into bulk cartons and clamshells before fruit is packed.

The sheets have been shown to increase the shelf life of berries, stone fruit, tomatoes, avocados and other fruits.

It’sFresh!’s parent company is Birmingham, England-based Food Freshness Technology.