Water will be a focus at the Center for Produce Safety’s fifth Produce Research Symposium.

The event, set for June 24-25 in Newport Beach, Calif., will address sustainable water solutions and the challenges of using reclaimed and recycled water, according to a news release from the center, which is based at the University of California-Davis.

Drought in much of the U.S. highlights the importance of addressing the limited water supply and the increased competition for it among a variety of users, Hank Giclas, senior vice president of strategic planning, science and technology for Western Growers Association, said in the release.

Giclas will lead the discussion at the symposium.

“Gone are the days when we can take water for granted,” he said. “When agriculture receives a drop of water it is in our best interest to maximize its use both on farm and in facilities. The food safety community must pursue research and technologies to ensure that reused, recycled, or reclaimed water is safe and accepted in all agricultural settings.”