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… Here’s a checkoff-funded recipe that’s sure to be a hit this holiday: Three-Mustard Beef Round Tip With Roasted Baby Carrots and Brussels Sprouts.

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… Here’s another recipe, created by the beef checkoff, to keep you warm this winter: Beef and Green Olive Stew.

Winter Diet Maintenance
It’s the time of year when we start the winter maintenance on our homes and cars, from cleaning the furnace to putting on the snow tires. Since we’re already in maintenance mode, why not make some tweaks to our diets as well? In a few simples steps we’ll be on the road to a healthy lifestyle:

• Make sure you get protein in every meal.
• Balance your diet.
• Get moving.

Make sure to check out Beef Up Your Fruits and Vegetables for ideas on how to incorporate more produce into your day and Twenty-nine Ways to Love Lean Beef to learn more about the lean beef cuts available today.

Pair these winter maintenance diet tips with your current home maintenance plan and your house, car and body will be ready for the season and operating more efficiently.

For more information about lean beef, delicious recipes and healthy cooking methods visit the checkoff-funded BeefItsWhatsForDinner.com.

Reaching Nutrition Influencers
The checkoff’s partnership with the American Dietetic Association (ADA) continues to reach critical audiences, including registered dietitians and credentialed health influencers. Thousands of registered dietitians received the latest in food and nutrition information at the Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo in Boston Nov. 5–9. Checkoff dollars supported a booth at the conference, which highlighted the power of beef protein and the variety of lean beef cuts available; distributed more than 8,000 beef nutrition resources; and served samples of a lean beef recipe, Thai Braised Beef Shanks and Fresh Pickled Vegetable Salad, to more than 4,000 dieticians.

A Close-Up Of Cattle Ranching
The average American is more than three generations removed from farming and ranching, but they're also more interested than ever in learning where their food comes from. In honor of National Farm-City Week at the end of November – and as part of its efforts to maintain an accurate image of cattle ranching and farming – the checkoff released Close-Up on Raising Beef, a film series that provides a unique "behind-the-scenes" view of how beef gets from pasture to plate. Close-Up is a collection of three short documentaries produced by student filmmakers and is aimed at cutting through misinformation to educate consumers about the beef on their dinner tables. View the videos here.

Beef Exports Showing Growth
September export results were strong for U.S. beef, as noted by Dan Halstrom, U.S. Meat Export Federation senior vice president of marketing and communications, contractor to the Beef Checkoff Program. Halstrom discusses the specific markets driving recent export growth. Find out more about your checkoff investment in foreign marketing programs here.

Getting To Know Your Beef Checkoff
One way to get to know your checkoff is to get to know the leaders involved in making decisions about where your checkoff dollars are invested. Each month, Beef Board members take a little time out of their schedule to share with you the story of their ranching operation, what their passion is, and why they’re involved in the business. This month, here’s an article that features New Mexico rancher Wesley Grau. Learn more about the “Cattleman of the Year.” And, here’s a feature about Colorado’s Phyllis Snyder. Get to know your checkoff at MyBeefCheckoff.com.

Source: Cattlemen's Beef Board