Sherman Oaks, Calif.-based Sunkist Growers Inc. encourages retailers to host “citrus extravaganzas” to promote as many varieties as possible.

“We often see huge displays of up to seven or eight different kinds of citrus with large flier ads supporting them,” said Claire Smith, director of corporate communications.

She encourages retailers to emphasize the vitamin C content of citrus during cold and flu season.

“Displays should highlight the nutritional value of citrus as well as information on taste profiles,” she said.

Stores can gain incremental sales by displaying citrus and relevant recipes in the baking aisles and meat and seafood sections, she said. She suggested using secondary display units to offer brochures that give consumers pointers on how to eat and use citrus other than just as a snack.

Consider displaying lemons in the bottled/sparkling water section, she said.  

“Sunkist is focusing on The Ultimate Diet Drink — adding flavor and nutrition to water by simply adding lemons,” Smith said.

“We also have some fantastic decorative ideas using lemons during (the holidays), which add brightness and whimsy to holiday traditions.”

Use lemons as place card holders at the holiday table or create flower arrangements with sliced citrus in the clear glass vase, for example.

“This is also a great time to display our holiday-themed navel cartons, as many families have long-standing traditions that involve the gifting of citrus,” Smith said.

Today’s value-conscious consumers are leaning toward Sunkist’s 10-pound navel carton, she said.

Sunkist offers a wide range of point-of-sale materials, as well as a number of secondary display units, Smith said.

“We encourage retailers to use vehicles like in-store radio, couponing and free in-pack samples.”