At the peak of harvest, Los Angeles-based Pom Wonderful ships 350,000 cases of pomegranates — or 10 million pounds of fruit — per week.

With that kind of volume to move, a company needs a solid marketing plan to ensure there is demand for that supply. So what does the country’s largest producer of pomegranates have in store?

“One of our main promotional plans this fall is a national Pom Wonderful TV campaign, aimed to leverage the power of the Pom brand and communicate the antioxidant power of 100% pomegranate juice,” said president Michael Solomon. “Our TV campaign will focus on health, as it’s a strong purchase driver for consumers and allows us to reach a broader audience outside the store before they make their purchase decision.”

Solomon said Pom Wonderful has more than 86% brand awareness among consumers.

“We’ve learned the best practice for maximizing our sales is leveraging the power of the Pom brand and cross-selling our family of products,” said Solomon, referring to the company’s whole fruit, packaged arils and its line of juices. Pom Wonderful will support its TV campaign with a national free-standing insert for the company’s line of products on Oct. 26. The insert, which will remind consumers that pomegranate season has started, will provide consumers with 370 million coupons.

Pom Wonderful begins its harvest in late September and expects to ship through January, Solomon said.

“We’ve learned that raising awareness at the beginning of the season is extremely important,” he said. “The earlier consumers buy our pomegranates, the more they buy, so we focus on starting the season strong. Our retail promotion and public relations efforts help educate consumers on how to open pomegranates as well as usage occasions, which have traditionally been barriers to trial.”

Solomon joined the company in December. He had announced his retirement when he left Irwindale, Calif.-based Ready Pac Foods Inc. earlier that year. Solomon had been with Ready Pac since 2006 and was the company’s president and chief executive officer from 2008 until last year.

In another move, Dahlia Reinkopf joined Pom Wonderful in April as senior director of marketing. Reinkopf spent the past six years at Paramount Farms as a brand manager and director of trade marketing. Solomon said Reinkopf oversees Pom Wonderful’s marketing team and the company’s brand marketing efforts.

Other news:

u Pom Wonderful is now highlighting the fact that its Pom Poms Fresh Arils are a 100-calorie snack on that product’s label.

u Solomon said the company also is refining the production process of its packaged arils increase shelf-life and improve quality.

u The company is now offering all three of its 100% juice blends in 48-ounce containers and has added a 60-ounce container for club stores.