MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH NOGALES, ARIZ. — Crossings (106-125-129) — Movement expected to increase. Trading gray moderate, others very slow. Prices generally unchanged. 4/7-bushel cartons zucchini small and small-medium mostly $3.95-5, medium mostly $3.95-4.50; yellow straightneck small and small-medium mostly $4.95-6, medium mostly $3.95-4.95. 1 1/9-bushel cartons zucchini large mostly $3.95-4; gray small and small-medium $7.95-8.95. Quality and condition variable. Some shipments of zucchini and yellow straightneck booked open with price to be established later.

MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH NOGALES, ARIZ. — Crossings (4-15-28) — Movement expected to increase seasonally. Trading moderate. Prices 1 1/9-bushel cartons butternut medium mostly $12.95, large $12.95-14.95. Quality variable.

CENTRAL AND SOUTH FLORIDA DISTRICTS — Shipments (14-19-30) — Movement expected to remain about the same. Trading fairly slow. Prices yellow crookneck generally unchanged, others slightly higher. Includes palletizing and cooling. Half-bushel cartons zucchini and yellow straightneck small mostly $6-6.85, medium mostly $4-4.35; ¾-bushel cartons yellow crookneck small $7.35-9.35, medium $5.35-6.35. Quality generally good.

SOUTH GEORGIA — Shipments (26-15-14) — Movement expected to decrease as most shippers are finished for the season. Trading moderate. Prices zucchini higher, others unchanged. Half-bushel cartons zucchini small $6.35-8.85 medium $4.35-6.85; yellow straightneck small $6.35-8.85 medium $4.35-6.85; yellow crookneck small $10.35-10.85, medium mostly $6.35-6.85.

LEXINGTON DISTRICT, S.C. — Shipments (1-**-**) — Movement expected to decrease. Trading moderate. Prices Nov. 12, compared to Nov. 5, yellow crookneck small higher; others insufficient to quote. ¾-bushel carton yellow crookneck small $10-12. **unavailable Quality good.


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Friday, November 22, 2013


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