Dairy Herd Management articles:

Hubbard Feeds adds OptiPass Nutrients to Product Lineup
Hubbard Feeds has announced the addition of a new line of encapsulated nutritional supplements. OptiPass Methionine, OptiPass Lysine, OptiPass Choline and OptiPass Multi-B are now part of Hubbard’s supplement portfolio. The encapsulation on each of these four nutrients allows for passage through the rumen to the small intestine where the cow can optimally utilize it. Each of the four OptiPass nutrients are coated using a unique encapsulation process called Micropearls. Micropearls is a spray freezing technique that uses very low temperatures (minus 76 degrees F) to embed the ingredients in a vegetable polymer matrix that results in a microgranule resistant to degradation in the rumen. Once past the rumen, the microgranules are subject to normal digestive processes in the abomasum and small intestine, allowing for release and absorption of the nutrients.

Bio-Vet Introduces Biostart microbial paste
Bio-Vet Inc. has introduced its new Biostart microbial and vitamin paste. Biostart paste contains high levels of live, beneficial microbial strains, enzymes, vitamins and nutritional ingredients. Biostart paste may be fed to beef and dairy cattle and calves, sheep, goats and horses. All ingredients may be considered for “certified organic” use.

Australian green feed system launches in U.S.
Fodder Solutions has introduced its Australian green feed system in the United States. This Australian technology produces nutritious green feed for livestock in just six days. More than 300 climate controlled growing chambers have been sold to farmers across Australia, enabling them to transform grain seed and water into highly palatable feed harvested fresh daily, regardless of seasonal conditions. In Australia, the company has built a large scale demonstration unit called the Automatic Paddock which operates hydraulically and unloads more than three tons of feed a day at the touch of a button. The company plans to manufacture units in a range of sizes from 12 to 72 trays capable of producing 90 pounds to 520 pounds of sprouts daily.

DCAD Plus approved by OMRI for use in organic production
Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition announced DCAD Plus Feed Grade Potassium Carbonate has been listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute for use in organic production. DCAD Plus is specifically formulated for use in lactating dairy cattle rations to provide a high-quality potassium source and boost ration dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD) levels.