Pizza Hut has joined the ranks of fast-food companies trying to cash in on the healthier-menu-item trend. By month’s end, you will be able to order the new “Fit ’N Delicious” pizza at most of the pizza chain’s 6,600 locations nationwide.

The move comes in response to changing consumer tastes and a desire for healthier food alternatives, company president Peter Hearl told The Associated Press last week.

The pizza giant plans to offer fewer high-fat toppings on the new pie, so you can forget about the sausage and pepperoni. The pizzas will have half the cheese of the regular Thin 'N Crispy pizza, generous portions of tomato sauce and toppings that include lean meats and fresh vegetables on a Thin 'N Crispy crust.

Each slice has 3.5 to 5 grams of fat — 25 percent less fat per slice than its regular thin-crust pizza, the company said.

And to complement that new low-fat pizzas, the company will test bagged, family-size salad kits in four markets — Orlando, Las Vegas, Minneapolis and Salt Lake City beginning next month. The salad kits  include romaine and iceberg lettuce, cabbage and carrots with ranch dressing available in regular and fat-free. The salads will be available for carryout and delivery and priced at $2.99 in the four markets.

Associated Press, PR Newswire