Danbury, Ct.-based CMS Technology Inc. has introduced ProduceShield, a tasteless produce wash that doesn’t need to be rinsed off and improves shelf life.

The product contains a proprietary formula that has been certified by the Food and Drug Administration as “generally regarded as safe,” according to a news release.

CMS Technology introduces produce washSix years in development, the product carrier uses positively charged hydrogen protons that promote dispersion of the active ingredient. In the case of microbial control, this technology creates a more effective pathogen shield, according to CMS’ website.

In tests, the wash extended the life of tomatoes by 10 days and of strawberries for 14 days compared with untreated fruit, according to product literature.

ProduceShield, which is stable over a wide temperature range, can be applied as the product leaves the farm, in a packing facility, at a processor or at foodservice, said Harley Langberg, operations director.

The company’s main focus has been on fresh-cut processors.