This small fruit is a favorite with younger shoppers and consumers with kids. Although apricots were some of the least popular items in Fresh Trends 2016 (only papayas and sprouts were less popular), certain groups seem to really like the stone fruit.

The likelihood of an apricot purchase decreased according to age, with shoppers younger than age 50 (and particularly those younger than 40) being much more likely to buy than older consumers.

Consumers with kids at home were more likely to buy the fuzzy fruit, at 17%, than those without kids, at 9%.

Apricots enjoy a strong organic following. Nineteen percent of buyers said they always purchased organic apricots. Although this number is down two percentage points from last year, apricots were the No. 2 item that consumers bought as exclusively organic. Forty percent of buyers said they buy organic apricots at least some of the time.

The likelihood of an apricot purchase slipped one percentage point from last year.

12% of customers purchased apricots within the past 12 months.