This crunchy fruit has a loyal customer base, although it is a small one. The likelihood of an Asian pear purchase slipped two percentage points from last year.

Not surprisingly, Asian consumers were far and away the most likely ethnic group to buy the fruit. In fact, they were more than twice as likely to buy asian pears as those from any other ethnicity.

For the seventh straight year, shoppers in the West were more likely to buy the fruit than those in any other region.

Shoppers in the lowest income bracket were quite a bit less likely to buy the fruit than those earning $25,000 or more annually. The likelihood of purchase also decreased according to age. In fact, shoppers age 59 and older were the least likely to purchase asian pears overall.

One-fifth of asian pear buyers said they always bought organic fruit, making asian pears the most popular fruit in the Fresh Trends 2016 survey that shoppers purchased as exclusively organic.

14% of customers purchased Asian pears within the past 12 months.