For the first time in more than a decade, bananas took the No. 2 spot on Fresh Trends list of most popular fruits (they were also No. 2 overall when considering both fruits and vegetables). Apples took the top spot this year. But bananas are still a huge favorite, with more than 76% of all consumers saying they bought bananas in the past year.

BananasBananas are liked by people of all ages, races and income levels. Shoppers 59 and older were more likely to buy the sweet fruit than younger consumers.

Of course the tropical fruit is still popular in families with kids, although this year consumers without kids in the home were more likely to buy bananas (at 84%) than those with kids at home (80%). But more 91% of consumers with three or more kids at home said they bought the fruit this year — this group was most likely to buy bananas overall.

Most shoppers select conventionally grown bananas. Twelve percent of banana buyers said they bought organic fruit every time they made a purchase (last year 8% said the same). One-third of buyers said they purchased organic product at least some of the time.

82% of customers purchased bananas within the past 12 months.