The likelihood of a cherry purchase dropped seven percentage points from Fresh Trends 2012, putting purchases near the level they were in 2011. The summer fruit was favored by consumers with kids at home, as was the case last year.

CherriesFor the fourth consecutive year, the likelihood of purchase increased according to income. Shoppers earning more than $100,000 annually comprised the group most likely to buy cherries, as was the case the last two years.

Last year consumers in the West comprised the most likely region to buy the summer fruit; this year shoppers in the Northeast claimed the top spot. In fact, Northeastern shoppers were nearly 40% more likely to buy cherries than those in the South, the region least likely to buy.

The likelihood of an organic purchase increased dramatically this year, with 27% of cherry buyers saying they purchased organic fruit at least some of the time (17% said so in Fresh Trends 2011). Shoppers age 21-39 were most likely to buy organic cherries at least some of the time. Nine percent of cherry buyers said they always bought organic product.