This fuzzy stone fruit is one of the top fruits in Fresh Trends 2013, but the likelihood of a peach purchase fell 10 percentage points from last year.

PeachesThe likelihood of purchase increased according to income (a trend now in its seventh year) and generally increased according to age. The soft fruit particularly appeals to shoppers age 40 and older.

The sweet stone fruit is a favorite with kids. More than half of consumers with kids at home (51%) were likely to buy peaches, compared with only 43% of those without kids who said the same.

Northeastern shoppers comprised the region most likely to buy peaches this year. Midwesterners – who held the top regional spot last year – comprised the least likely region to buy the fruit this year.

More than half of all peach buyers (58%) said they felt comfortable selecting ripe fruit for immediate consumption, however, only 37% of them said they knew how to ripen the stone fruit once they got it home.

When it came to organic purchases, one-quarter of peach buyers said they bought organic product at least some of the time (up from 22% last year). The likelihood of an organic-only purchase also increased, with 8% of shoppers saying they bought organic peaches exclusively.