This sweet tropical fruit has a steady following, with 43% of shoppers saying they bought pineapples in the past year, a number even with Fresh Trends 2012.

The likelihood of a pineapple purchase increased according to income (for the fifth consecutive year) and decreased according to age. In fact, shoppers age 59 and older were among the least likely to buy the fruit.

PineapplesAfter shoppers in the West comprised the region most likely to buy pineapple last year, Northeastern shoppers in Fresh Trends 2013 took back that title – one the region had held for three years prior.

Exactly half of all families with kids at home bought pineapple this year; only 39% of shoppers without kids said the same.

Forty-six percent of shoppers said they felt comfortable selecting ripe pineapple for immediate consumption. Nearly one in four consumers (24%) said they knew how to ripen the tropical fruit once they got it home.

When it came to organic purchases, 6% of pineapple buyers selected organic fruit exclusively – the same as last year. However, periodic purchases of organic pineapple increased.