The likelihood of a plum purchase dropped eight percentage points from Fresh Trends 2012, although the purple fruit still remains in the top 20 favorite fruits.

PlumsThe likelihood of purchase generally increased according to income, a trend that continues for the fifth straight year. Regional purchases were also predictable based on trends from recent years. Northeastern shoppers comprised the region most likely to buy plums, following a four-year trend, while Midwesterners comprised the region least likely to buy, as was the case last year.

Consumers with kids were more likely to buy plums, at 37%, than those without kids, at 30%. The likelihood of purchase increased as the number of children in the household grew; shoppers with three or more kids at home were the most likely to buy plums overall.

Forty percent of shoppers said they felt comfortable selecting ripe plums for immediate consumption. Far fewer, 23%, said they knew how to ripen the stone fruit once they got it home.

A steady 6% of plum buyers bought organic fruit every time they made a purchase (the same was true last year).