The likelihood of a pomegranate purchase increased three percentage points from Fresh Trends 2012.

The presence of children plays an obvious role in pomegranate purchases. Consumers with kids at home were twice as likely to buy the red fruit as those without kids.

PomegranatesAs was the case last year, younger shoppers seemed quicker to embrace the tart fruit. Shoppers younger than age 50 were more likely to buy pomegranates than older consumers. The likelihood of purchase generally increased according to income.

Region also outlined clear differences in purchases. Shoppers in the Northeast and West (the regions most likely to buy) were more than twice as likely to purchase pomegranates as Midwestern consumers this year.

Organic purchases were on the rise for pomegranates this year. In fact, the likelihood of an organic-only purchase doubled from last year, with 12% of pomegranate buyers saying they bought organic product every time they made a purchase.