This deep red berry remains as one of the top 20 fruits consumers purchase year after year. The likelihood of a raspberry purchase slipped three percentage points from last year.

RaspberriesIncome and region seem to be the defining factors for raspberry purchase. Consumers earning more than $100,000 annually were far-and-away the most likely group to buy the berries (a trend that has continued for three years). The gap between affluent shoppers and those in the lowest income groups seems particularly apparent over the past two years, as consumers earning less than $50,000 were less than half as likely to buy raspberries as those in the highest income group in both Fresh Trends 2012 and Fresh Trends 2013.

Shoppers on both coasts are more likely to buy the fruit than those in the Midwest and South, as was the case last year. Consumers age 59 and older were more likely to buy raspberries than younger consumers, which continues a three-year trend.

One-third of raspberry shoppers said they bought organic berries at least some of the time, a number up three percentage points from last year. Eleven percent of raspberry buyers said they only bought organic product.