More than half of all shoppers purchased sweet corn in the past year, although the likelihood of purchase fell four percentage points from Fresh Trends 2012. Affluence and age were clear factors in corn purchases. The likelihood of purchase increased according to income for the fifth straight year, and the older a consumer the more likely they were to buy corn.

The vegetable is clearly popular with kids, in fact, the likelihood of a corn purchase increased with the number of children in the household. Families with three or more children comprised the group most likely to buy corn overall – nearly three-quarters of those families said they had bought corn in the past year. It seems that corn is also more fun shared in a group, as single shoppers were the least likely to buy corn overall.

While last year Western shoppers were more likely to serve up the starchy vegetable, this year consumers in the Northeast claimed the top regional spot.

Organic corn purchases remained steady, with 6% of corn buyers saying they only bought organic corn – the same number as last year. The likelihood of a periodic organic purchase fell by two percentage points from Fresh Trends 2012, to 20%.