Interest in cucumbers increased this year, even though the percentages in Fresh Trends 2013 show a slight dip in the likelihood of purchase compared to last year (down two percentage points). Cucumbers made a notable jump in the list of top 20 vegetables this year, climbing from No. 11 in Fresh Trends 2012 to No. 7 this year.

The likelihood of purchase increased according to income. Shoppers with children at home were more likely to buy the salad vegetable, at 63%, than those without kids, at 55%.

CucumbersMore than half of consumers (53%) said they prefer traditional field-grown cucumbers, but the number of shoppers who prefer the hothouse/greenhouse grown version increased three percentage points from last year, with 13% of shoppers saying greenhouse-grown cukes were their variety of choice this year.

The easy-to-slice vegetable found its way to the table as a salad for most consumers, with one in eight saying they used cucumbers in that way. Another 44% used the vegetable as a side dish, while 41% selected the veggie as a healthy snack.

The likelihood of an organic cucumber purchase remained relatively the same. Five percent of cucumber buyers said they always bought organic product in Fresh Trends 2013; 16% said they bought organic cukes at least some of the time.