This flavor-filled bulb remains a favorite among consumers, as it consistently ranks in the top 20 vegetables in the Fresh Trends survey. The likelihood of a garlic purchase fell five percentage points from last year.

Affluence and age affected garlic purchases. The likelihood of purchase increased according to income for the fourth straight year. Age shows an opposite effect – older consumers were not as likely to buy the pungent vegetable as those younger than age 50.

Kids apparently appreciate the flavorful veggie. Families with kids at home were more likely to buy the bulbs, at 51%, than those without kids, at 44%.

Western shoppers – who made up the region most likely to buy last year – tied for the top spot with Northeasterners in Fresh Trends 2013.

The likelihood of a periodic organic garlic purchase climbed three percentage points from last year, with 22% of garlic buyers saying they bought organic product at least some of the time. Organic-only garlic purchases remained the same, with 6% of buyers noting that they bought the organic version of the bulb exclusively.