This king of salad vegetables is popular across the board. At least 50% of consumers in every demographic group bought lettuce in the past year, with the exception of single shoppers. Consumers with three or more children at home comprised the group most likely to buy lettuce overall.

LettuceThe likelihood of a bulk lettuce purchase increased according to income for the fourth straight year; the likelihood of a purchase overall dipped six percentage points from Fresh Trends 2012.

Shoppers in the Northeast were more likely to buy lettuce than those in other regions, as was the case two years ago in Fresh Trends 2011. Female shoppers were more likely to grab the fresh greens, at 63%, than male shoppers, at 51%.

Variety preference remained similar to last year, with iceberg lettuce taking the top spot followed by romaine and leaf lettuces. The obvious use for the leaves is in a salad (90% used them this way), but lettuce is also popular as an ingredient and as a side dish.

While the likelihood of an organic-only purchase remained the same last year (at 7%), shoppers were more likely to add organic lettuce to their carts this year at least some of the time. Periodic purchases of organic lettuce increased by four percentage points from last year, with 26% of lettuce buyers saying the bought organic leaves periodically.