Bell peppers are a consistent favorite for many consumers. While the likelihood of a pepper purchase fell four percentage points from last year, peppers remain the No. 5 vegetable that shoppers select – a trend that’s held true for three years now. Peppers also rank sixth among items that shoppers say they’re buying now that they had not purchased previously.

PeppersFamilies with kids are more likely to make a pepper purchase than those without, a trend now in its third year. Sixty-nine percent of those with kids were likely to buy peppers, compared with 59% of those without kids.

Younger shoppers seem less interested in peppers than older consumers. For the third consecutive year, shoppers age 21-39 were less likely to buy peppers than those in other age groups.

Last year shoppers in the Northeast comprised the region least likely to buy peppers; this year they were most likely to buy the vegetable.

Organic purchase levels were similar to last year. Five percent of pepper buyers bought only organic product, as was the case last year. One-fifth of buyers said they bought organic peppers at least some of the time, a number up one percentage point from Fresh Trends 2012.