The likelihood of a sprout purchase remained exactly even with last year.

Affluence affected purchases – the likelihood of a sprout purchase increased according to income for the third consecutive year. Consumers age 21-39 were more likely to buy sprouts than older shoppers.

SproutsThese tasty salad toppers top the charts when it comes to organic purchases. While the likelihood of an organic-only purchase slipped six points from last year (13% of sprout buyers this year said they always bought organic sprouts), the vegetable is still the No. 3 commodity that consumers bought as exclusively organic. The likelihood of a periodic organic purchase inched up one percentage point this year, with 39% of sprout buyers saying they bought organic product at least some of the time. Sprouts were No. 4 overall when it came to periodic organic purchases.

Last year shoppers in the West comprised the region most likely to buy sprouts (they came in second this year), but Northwestern consumers took the top regional spot this year. Last year they were the least likely region to buy the vegetable. Shoppers in both regions were more than twice as likely to buy sprouts as Midwestern consumers.