REEDLEY, Calif. – In the not too distant past, September would signal the home stretch of the California table grape season.California table grape harvest enters second half

Today, the arrival of fall merely marks the start of the second half of the grape deal. New late season varieties have boosted fall volume to equal that of the summer table grape deal, according to the Fresno-based California Table Grape Commission.

Autumn royals are among the early stars of the fall grapes at Trinity Fruit Sales Co., Fresno, said John Hein, salesman.

“These are very big, sweet seedless black grapes with a terrific flavor,” he said.

Harvesting of the autumn royals began in early September, and Trinity Fruit will have supplies available at least through October, Hein said.

Shipping of other late fall varieties will continue through the holiday season and into January.

Among the red seedless varieties available this fall, Hein said, are princess, scarlet royal and crimson. The seeded red globe also is available through December.

New hybrids of the longtime favorite, Thompson seedless, will keep the variety on market shelves into November, Hein said, and autumn king, a new green seedless variety, will be available until the end of the year.