More than $50 million in U.S. Department of Agriculture specialty crop block grants are available for fiscal year 2013, and states have until July 10 to apply for the funds.

The $52 million Specialty Crop Block Grant Program is designed to enhance the competitiveness of U.S. specialty crops, including fruits, vegetables and nuts, according to a news release.

According to the USDA, block grant funds can be used for projects such as nutrition education, food safety practices, cutting costs in the distribution system, pest and disease control, research, improving seed varieties and the study of organic and sustainable production practices.

Additional details about the application process can be found at the USDA website.

Fiscal year 2013 Specialty Crop Block Grant Funding - Top Ten States:


  • California $18.07 million
  • Florida $4.17 million
  • Washington $3.2 million
  • Oregon $1.49 million
  • Texas $1.4 million
  • Georgia $1.31 million
  • Arizona $1.31 million
  • Michigan $1.25 million
  • North Carolina $1.07 million
  • New York $1.02 million


Source: USDA