(March 19) The Produce for Better Health Foundation is spreading its 5 a Day program through the nation’s airwaves in a public service announcement that began running in early February.

The 30-second PSA, called “Color of Life,” features individuals of varying ages and ethnicities eating a variety of fruits and vegetables every day.

The PSA’s message is to eat various fruits and vegetables every day to stay healthy and fit, said Lori Baer, PBH’s director of public relations and production.

PBH distributed the PSA nationally to 1,000 television stations with a grant from the Arizona Department of Agriculture’s Arizona Grown program, as well as Syngenta, Basel, Switzerland, an agricultural business that focuses on such fields as research, biotechnology and sustainable agriculture.

Stations that received the PSA include affiliates of ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox and CNN.

Baer said PBH requested the PSA’s exposure be concentrated in Arizona, which provided most of the grant money, as well as California and Florida, states that also provided grant money through their departments of agriculture in support of the development of the 5 a Day program.

Although the PSA will run according to local stations’ schedules, PBH is receiving tracking reports of how many times the spot airs, Baer said.

As of March 24, the PSA had aired 199 times, with more than a million people viewing it, she said.

Through a company’s possible media buy, or purchase of airtime, PBH could feature the PSA at more specified air times, Baer said.

However, companies that leverage their media buys in order to feature the PSA could have their own message tagged at the end of the spot, making the PSA a commercial, said Daphne Lee, partner marketing manager for PBH.