The Mexican Protected Horticulture Association joined with the National Science and Technology Council to sponsor a third Technological and Integrated Human Services Development Center for Protected Agriculture location.

The center will be in Culiacan, Sinaloa, and is set to open this summer, according to a news release.

The first two CEDETECH centers are in the states of Queretaro and Jalisco.

CEDETECH helps agricultural companies be more competitive through customized technology and talent development, according to the release.

Mexican Protected Agriculture represented nearly 37,000 acres in 2011, according to the Mexican Department of Agriculture, so continuing this labor education program is important, the release said.

“One of the major capital investments this new CEDETECH Center will make is for leading edge research and technology transfer programs to Mexican companies dedicated to the production of vegetables under Protected Agriculture environments,” Miguel Trejo Luna, chief executive officer, said in the release.

“In the areas of production, food safety and marketing, our goal is to provide outstanding and ongoing education and training for professionals in these fields.”