Imported fruits and vegetables being considered for access to the U.S. market now have their own U.S. Department of Agriculture website.

Seeking to increase public access to the import approval process, the USDA created a new Plant Protection and Quarantine website to provide greater transparency, according to a news release from the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

The website provides specific information about the import approval process for commodities and gives users a broader avenue for feedback, according to the release.

“Our stakeholders have expressed an interest in knowing more about the commodity import approval process and participating at an earlier stage in the development of risk assessments as they are being drafted,” according to the release.

To accomplish that goal, the agency said the website will describe each major step in the process. General updates will be provided on the import status of a commodity, including drafting of the risk assessment, completion of the environmental review and publication of new requirements.