A web seminar is designed to give U.S. produce companies a voice on the future of financial risk mitigation for the Canadian fresh produce sector.

“Enhancing Financial Risk Mitigation Tools for Canadian Fresh Produce Sector,” is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Eastern Feb. 14, according to a news release from Agriculture Canada.

In April 2013, the Canadian government announced its decision to consider a new approach to supporting the fair and ethical trade of fresh produce in Canada by addressing the current limitations to the Government’s existing licensing regime, according to the release. On June 4 of last year, Canadian Food Inspection Agency began consultations on the Regulatory Framework regarding its Safe Food for Canadians Act, and specific to this initiative were questions regarding industry’s support of a single dispute resolution body, according to the release.

The web seminar discussion will evaluate the provisions of a single dispute resolution body, such as membership, contract requirements, process for arbitration and financial security requirements, according to the release.

Following the discussion period, the government of Canada will review and consider comments received, according to the release. Later, the release said a summary of key issues raised during the discussions will be prepared and presented at the appropriate stakeholder meetings. To register or for more information about the meeting, contact Sem Ponnambalam at sem.ponnambalam@agr.gc.ca.