Agroexport LLC is introducing an avocado product under the Villita label that uses BreatheWay packaging technology.

Pharr, Texas-based Agroexport LLC introduced its Slice ‘n Serve hass avocados at the Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit in New Orleans in October.

Agroexport partnered with Apio Inc., owner of the BreatheWay technology, on the project. Apio uses it on fresh vegetables, vegetable blends, trays and salads to extend shelf life and maintain quality.

BreatheWay is designed to slow product respiration, decrease incidence of chill damage during transport and maintain in-pack moisture levels. That allows Agroexport to pack avocados already fully ripened, according to a news release.

Left in the sealed box at storage temperature, the Villita avocado product will last up to 14 days longer than open-air packaging without suffering chill or tissue damage, according to Agroexport. Weight and moisture loss are also avoided.

The Slice ‘n Serve avocados are available for retail and foodservice. Agroexport is supporting distribution from its centers in Pennsylvania and Texas and offers delivery to major markets in the U.S. and Canada.

“It is the ideal product for on-trend uses of avocados on salads and other menu ideas,” Jimmy Lotufo, director of business development, said in the release.

Agroexport Avocados grows, markets and sells hass avocados from Mexico, California and Peru under the Villita brand. More information is available online.