The Alliance for Food and Farming has launched a Facebook page to counter alarmist messages on pesticide residues.

The new Facebook page is an element of a social media outreach campaign designed to provide consumers with facts about pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables and dispute fear-based messages, said Marilyn Dolan, executive director of the Alliance for Food and Farming, Watsonville, Calif.

“We really are looking for people in the industry to kind of get the ball rolling by going out and getting on Facebook and “liking” our page and having their friends like our page just so we can build up our database of people that we are able to talk to directly,” she said.

Dolan encourages companies to link to the Facebook page from their websites. She said the alliance is also encouraging people to sign up to receive the group’s Safe Fruits and Veggies newsletter.

The group recently used its Facebook page and blog to respond to an article on The Huffington Post by Environmental Working Group vice president of media relations Alex Formuzis.

Dolan said the EWG attacks the alliance to raise money by characterizing the alliance as “big chemical agriculture.”

“We keep reiterating that we are not about stopping information we are about giving people more information and a different side of the subject than what they get from the Environmental Working Group,” she said. “We don’t take money from chemical companies; we are an organization that represents conventional and organic farmers,” she said.