American Airlines Cargo is bringing in blueberries from Argentina to several U.S. cities this season.

American Airlines Cargo flights leave Argentina for the U.S. five to seven times a day, according to a news release. Planes land in Miami, San Francisco, New York and other major cities.

Given the distance and the perishability of blueberries, air freight from Argentina is a viable option for importers of South American blueberries, according to the release.

At Miami International Airport, American’s AA Cool Perishables program provides pre-cooling, confirmed cooler space and expedited U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S. Customs clearances for fresh shipments on-site, according to American Airlines Cargo’s website.

The program provides two pre-coolers, container handling systems, an integrated clearing procedure and a simplified schedule of charges.

In addition, the company’s FlightSafe Tracking system provides tracking for time-critical, high-value and temperature-sensitive shipments using GPS and sensor tracking.