(UPDATED COVERAGE May 30) BC Hot House Foods Inc. has redesigned its labels, bags, clamshells and shipping containers with a Big Taste tagline and new graphics.

Boxes feature bright colors on a kraft brown background. Langley, British Columbia-based BC Hot House ships a variety of tomatoes and peppers plus baby eggplant, baby graffiti eggplant, long English and mini cucumbers under the new look.

The tagline reflects the efforts of BC Hot House chairman and grower David Ryall to find better tomato, pepper and cucumber varieties.

“He was one of the original growers for BC Hot House and he’s gone on a worldwide pursuit of the best tasting products and seed varieties available,” said Devon Kennedy, marketing and brand manager. “If we have Big Taste on the packaging — that says it all.”

The redesign rolled out in phases, starting with long English cucumbers in late March and other crops added as they came into production.

“The packaging was a few years old,” Kennedy said. “We felt the need for a new look that goes across all the lines, and it ties in nicely to BC Hot House’s 40th anniversary.”