Bailey Farms Inc. is introducing Farm Fresh Hot Sauces, hot sauces made with everyday ingredients.

The company ramped up production to get more of the sauces in produce aisles and ready to order, according to a news release.

The sauces come in 6-ounce jars and contain a blend of Bailey Farms’ homegrown peppers and other vegetables. The sauces use no additives or artificial flavor enhancements. The product does not use ascorbic acid, xantham gum, puree, paste or mash.

The line includes jalepeno, red habanero and chocolate habanero sauces. Additional hot sauces, pepper jellies and relish are expected to be added to the line this fall.

Each sauce variety is clearly differentiated by name and color on the label. The labels also indicate where each sauce falls on the heat index of sweet, medium, hot or hottest.