Baloian Farms has added a snack item — sweet mini peppers with a fat-free ranch dip in a single-serving cup — to its line of products.

The grab-and-go cup includes three to four mini sweet peppers plus a separately sealed container for the dip.

The product, available year-round, has a 21-day shelf life. It’s packed in an 11-count case.

Fresno, Calif.-based Baloian Farms cited a consumer survey in which 58% said they would purchase a mini peppers with dip product if available at retail.

“We saw this as an opportunity to not only expand our product line and continue to build the pepper category, but introduce a product that would appeal to all consumers with its convenient ready-to-eat, portion controlled size and flavors that all ages enjoy,” Jeremy Lane, sales manager, said in a news release.

Because the product features whole mini sweet peppers, the company expects the limitations of freshness and shelf life often associated with fresh-cut products to be reduced.