Beachside Produce LLC, Guadalupe, Calif., is adding celery sticks, celery hearts and a full stalk to its product lineup, with an eye on the upcoming holiday season.

The celery sticks are available in a 24-count, 1-pound pack; a 12-count, 1-pound reusable plastic container; and a display ready 10 by 2.5-pound pack, according to a news release.

The stalks come in a foodservice or club store pack of eight bags with three full stalks each.

Beachside plans to offer the celery sticks, hearts and stalks through the winter. Celery will also be available in the traditional sleeved and naked packs.

The grower-shipper also offers broccoli, artichokes, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, mix and head lettuce, kale, cilantro and strawberries.