Melissa’s Produce recently introduced a Belgian-style leek to be distributed nationally in the coming month.

The vegetable is becoming popular in the U.S. and has been a longtime favorite of Europeans, according to a Melissa’s news release.

The company is marketing the vegetable, promoting the culinary assets of leeks as well as the advantages to buying the Belgian-style over the traditional.

Melissa’s suggests leeks as an addition to soups, a way to add moisture to cornbread, a pairing with mussels and clams, an ingredient in omelets, pizzas, savory tarts and salads.

The release listed the positive qualities of the Belgian-style leeks, including its year-round availability, the larger amount of edible flesh compared to common leeks and their cylindrical, easy-to-chop shape.

The specialty leek will be featured at the Melissa’s Produce booth at the upcoming Fresh Summit 2013 in New Orleans.