Bi-Lo and its shoppers raised and donated $66,000 to the anti-hunger organization Katie’s Krops.

The Greenville, S.C.-based grocery chain hopes to give to Katie’s Krops more resources in the future, company officials told ABCNews, Mount Pleasant, S.C.

“I cannot believe how big this program is and how good this program is. To see kids working, providing food and helping prepare food. And they’re excited about it. It’s just a great cause,” Bob Denomme, Bi-Lo’s senior director of produce told ABCNews4.

In her blog, Katie Stagliano said she was thankful for Bi-Lo’s support early this year to help her further her dream.

The Summerville, S.C.-based charitable organization started by Stagliano raises money to donate healthful foods and awards grants to children wanting to establish gardens to feed people in need.

“At every Bi-Lo store in the country, shoppers were asked if they would like to support the dream that kids can grow a healthy end to hunger,” she said. “And support they did.”