Big South American mango crops expectedHigh-quality South American mangoes should ship in promotable volumes through the end of the year, importers and officials say.

Mullica Hill, N.J.-based Amazon Produce Network was bringing in mangoes from both Brazil and Ecuador in the first half of October, said Greg Golden, partner.

Brazilian volumes were peaking the week of Oct. 7, while Ecuadorian product was just starting to ramp up, Golden said. All varieties were shipping from Brazil and yellow varieties from Ecuador.

After a strong summer, movement remained brisk in early October, said William Watson, executive director of the Orlando, Fla.-based National Mango Board.

Brazilian product is expected to be in the market through the end of November, with about 5.6 million boxes total expected, Watson said. Brazilian tommy atkins, ataulfos and keitts were shipping in the first half of October.

Volumes will likely be heavy at the end of October thanks to a slightly early start to a big Ecuadorian crop, Golden said. Then in late November the pattern could be repeated when a big Peruvian crop begins shipping.

“Volumes should be plentiful through the end of the year,” he said.

About 9.5 million boxes of tommys, kents, ataulfos, keitts and hadens are expected from Ecuador this season, Watson said.

Peru is expected to ship from about mid-November to mid-March, Watson said.

“They’ve been having favorable weather and their crop indicates there will be few setbacks this year.”

New this year for Amazon, the company is bringing in some Brazilian ataulfos by air, at the request of a customer looking to market high-end imported mangoes this fall, Golden said.

Ataulfos can develop skin shrivel and other problems on long boat rides, Golden said. As of Oct. 11, the customer was happy with the flown-in fruit.

“They have very high brix and good flavor,” Golden said.