Katie Cavuto Boyle, chef and registered dietitian, has created two new potato salad recipes in preparation for summer cookouts.

“Potatoes are a nutritional powerhouse,” Boyle said in a news release from the U.S. Potato Board. “That’s why I like to use different colorful potato types as the base for light, spring salad dishes and then top with additional in-season veggies to round out a fresh, natural side dish.”

Boyle created Kale and Potato Salad and The Spring Potato Salad to highlight the versatility of potato types.

The Denver, Colo.-based U.S. Potato Board released an educational video series starring Boyle.

Boyle is also a member of the Board’s panel of Real Moms, Real Meals — a Facebook community that encourages mothers to share dinner time solutions.

Visit www.potatogoodness.com for more potato recipes.