Washington grower-shipper Brandt’s Fruit Trees Inc. will grow a new early-season Pink Lady apple variety.

Yakima-based Brandt’s has been licensed to grow the Barnsby variety of Pink Lady, an Australian variety, according to a news release from Yakima-based Pink Lady America.

Pink Lady America will market the Barnsby in the U.S. and all other countries other than Australia, where W.F. Montague Pty Ltd. has the rights.

The Barnsby matures three or four weeks earlier than the standard Cripps Pink variety of Pink Lady, a benefit for growers concerned about harvesting Pink Lady apples too late and exposing them to freezes.

“Being a late season maturing apple, there are many important apple production areas of the world where the shorter growing season has restricted the production of Cripps Pink,” Lynnell Brandt, president of Brandt’s, said in the release. “The Barnsby cultivar offers an opportunity for growers in these regions to be part of the Pink Lady brand global production.”

In addition, the Barnsby doesn’t need to be stored before shipping, as other Pink Lady varieties need to be, Brandt said. It can be matured on the tree and shipped as soon as it’s picked.