BrightFarms Inc. is among the world’s Top 10 most innovative food companies, according to

Based in New York City, BrightFarms made the list because of its efforts to reduce transportation — and the associated costs and greenhouse gases — needed to supply consumers with fresh produce, according to the business magazine’s website.

“Some of these (10 companies) have been making headlines already this year, but all of them are forcing the industry to change the way they think about food and how we produce it,” said Fast Company magazine senior writer Chuck Salter in his explanation of the Top 10 list.

BrightFarms work with large grocers to build greenhouses at or near supermarkets to create local supplies of fresh vegetables in urban is cited as the reason for its inclusion in the list. Since 2011, BrightFarms has partnered with seven retail chains and has seven commercial-scale greenhouses in development, according to its website.

“This has resulted in cutting transportation costs and waste, lowering prices and adding days to the shelf life of perishable foods,” according to the Fast Company website.