Bunny-Luv baby carrots will soon be available in a new pack style. The product from Bakersfield, Calif.-based Grimmway Farms aims at the children’s snack market.

Grimmway is gradually transitioning to the new pack. It includes six 2-ounce bags of baby carrots and a design intended to appeal to kids, Bob Borda, vice president of marketing, said.

"This new package pops out at you on the shelf," Borda said. "It features the Bunny-Luv brand with the Grimmway Farms logo and kid-friendly graphics, including animated pictures on the front."

It comes in a bright laminated bag with a resealable zipper closure. "Just Crunch ‘Em" is the tagline.

It’s an alternative to Grimmway’s banded-snack carrots.

"It’s just enough to get the repeat purchase every week," Borda said, "and keeps carrots fresh in the minds of kids and parents alike."

Cynthia David contributed to this story.