The California Certified Organic Farmers, Santa Cruz, has launched a consumer awareness campaign called “Why Buy Certified Organic?”.

California organic group launches consumer awareness campaignThe campaign distributes informational postcards that explain what certified organic really means and how to find these products in markets, according to a news release.

The promotion will start at 10 a.m. on June 30 at the San Francisco’s Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

“We want to help shoppers who may encounter confusing labels such as ‘pesticide free,’ ‘natural,’ or ‘sustainable,’” said Cathy Calfo, CCOF executive director.

“We want consumers to know that when they see the CCOF or USDA certified organic logo, they are truly getting organic products because our farmers must meet strict, verifiable farming practices to be allowed to display that label.”

Two years ago farmers markets received negative attention when some vendors were discovered passing off conventionally grown produce as pesticide free.

With this campaign postcards will be given out by farmers selling organic products throughout California. Information on the postcard will explain that products displaying the CCOF logo meet U.S. Department of Agriculture requirements for organically certified products, according to the release.