The Canadian Produce Marketing Association wants to make it easier for its members to do business.

CPMA launches web program to help sell produce to CanadaThe Ottawa-based association is launching a Doing Business in Canada guide, designed to provide CPMA members access to governmental agencies to help them navigate through numerous governmental requirements to sell, import or export fresh produce.

The association previewed its tool, available in its members-only area, on June 17.  A June 30 web seminar will help guide members through the program, said Bev Appleby, CPMA’s manager of government relations and education.

“People believe they can start off shipping their product out the door the next day,” she said. “Many times, it’s weeks in preparation before you even meet the marketplace and have a budget for your commodity.

“Many of our members are smaller growers who think they have a great product,” Appleby said. “We want to use this tool to support our members in any new endeavors they’re heading into, including importing and exporting and dealing with the ever-changing paperwork requirements for doing business in the fresh produce industry.”

The program provides links to best practices for transportation and Fruit and Vegetable Dispute Resolution Corp. guidelines for damaged shipments. Appleby said the industry is seeing more damaged loads.

Appleby said the association designed the program as a “living tool” and said plans are to frequently update it.