In response to their customers’ requests, the California Tomato Farmers cooperative added food safety audit information to its online database.

The group launched the database in 2010 to allow tomato buyers access to its members’ history, contract information and certificates from U.S. Department of Agriculture food safety audits, according to a news release from the Fresno, Calif., organization.

While the database provided useful information, Ed Beckman, president of California Tomato Farmers, said customers of CTF growers wanted more. Specifically they wanted a detailed audit trail and they wanted it as soon as possible.

“Now customers are able to view, in real-time, full audits, on-site corrections and detailed corrective actions,” Beckman said in the release.

The information is also available to government inspectors who can new review standard operating procedures and other compliance documents before and during inspections. Updates from those inspectors are now available to customers on an up-to-the-minute basis.

The California Tomato Farmers partnered with Azzule Systems, Santa Maria, Calif., to upgrade the online database. Beckman said in the release that the tomato growers will work with the technology company to expand and improve the database to better serve the organization’s members and their customers.