In California, Monterey County officials plan to release their annual crop report June 26.

Eric Lauritzen, the county’s agricultural commissioner, is expected to outline 2011 production values for a wide range of commodities at a 10 a.m. Pacific news conference at his office in Salinas. Trade association and grower-shipper representatives will also attend.

Strawberries were the county’s top-grossing commodity for the past two years. They were valued at about $751 million in 2010.

The combined value of Monterey County lettuce varieties exceeds that of strawberries. Leaf lettuce was most recently valued at $725 million. Head lettuce was $512 million in 2010, despite a drop in acres from 48,691 to 44,574.

In April, Lauritzen released a 13-page study reporting that Monterey County agriculture pumps $8.2 billion into the local economy and supports more than 73,000 jobs there.