Canada’s Minister of Agriculture visited an Irish mushroom grower-shipper Oct. 4.

The minister, Gerry Ritz, visited Monaghan County, Ireland-based Monaghan Mushrooms, according to a company news release.

Monaghan Mushrooms’ largest mushroom farm, which employs more than 400 workers, is in Campbellville, Ontario.

“I was pleased to get a first-hand look,” Ritz said in the release. “Monaghan Mushrooms is a major employer in both Canada and Ireland, and is an excellent example of the integrated nature of agriculture in our two countries.”

Monaghan Mushrooms’ Campbellville facility produces about 650,000 pounds of mushrooms per week, much of which is shipped to California, Michigan, Washington and other U.S. states.

“We were delighted to host Minister Ritz at our facilities here in Ireland, given the investments we have made in Canada and the special relationship shared between our two countries,” Monaghan Mushrooms’ founder and chief executive officer, Ronnie Wilson, said in the release.

“Canada is a country of wonderful opportunities for our industry ... and to see that recognized by the Minister with a visit to our home is a tremendous acknowledgement.”