SunAmerica Imports LLC, Pompano Beach, Fla., is adopting the HarvestMark traceability system from YottaMark Inc., Redwood City, Calif.

Cantaloupe importer SunAmerica adopts HarvestMark systemThe Central American melon shipper is adopting the HarvestMark system for cantaloupe and honeydew, according to a news release. SunAmerica began shipping Guatemalan melons with the HarvestMark sticker in December.

“In this day and age, and especially with melons, we want to demonstrate to our retail customers our commitment to food safety and give them the highest assurance possible,” Drew Kislin, SunAmerica’s managing director, said in the release. “We’ve invested a great deal of time, energy and expense into food safety and quality assurance.”

Though SunAmerica is using HarvestMark only on its Guatemalan melons, the shipper started a separate safety program on top of Primus audits for all its growers, employing its own food safety operation to implement and monitor its food safety protocols in every growing area, according to the release.

An industry veteran heads SunAmerica’s quality-control staff.

SunAmerica plans to expand the HarvestMark system to other Central American production regions, according to the release.

SunAmerica imports melons and tropicals from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama and Peru.